Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend we all went to lexington Jr High for some races. With all of these kids there was no way we could just sit around the house all day.

The kids were divided into two teams for the relay race.

Passing of the baton.
After the relay we had different group of people race.
This is the younger boys. Brock and Caden dominated that race.

The older boys race.

The dad's race. No there wasn't any compations here. YA RIGHT!

The older girls run. Katie took first with Amanda in second and Lyndsay took third. Way to go Girls!!!

Bond didn't have running shoes just dress shoes. Since he knew he wouldn't win in those shoes he did more or a high knee marching run instead. It was so funny I thought I would pee my pants I was laughing so hard.

The mom race.

The little kids lining up. Not all of them were so excited to run.

The little kids race.

Just waiting for their turns to race.

Karley, Luke and Tatumn kick-n-it.

After the races everyone headed over to the baseball dimond for a little kickball.

While all the little kids played kickball the dads and older boys played a "friendly" game of basketball. I am not sure if the "big boys" are getting older or the dads are the ones getting "older" but they had a good game.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This was for a project that Jacob had to do for school. When I figure out why it wont let me paste the artist statement about this picture I will add it OR you can go to weavn.blogspot.com and read about the photo there. Happy Birthday Trent and Travis.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Birthday's

Happy Borthday to everyone who has a August Birthday!! We hope you have a fun birthday!!

Summer Fun!!!

We have been planning this trip since our children we babies and have looked forward to taking them back to where it all began for our families! For months our family studied different pioneer ancestors and really tried to learn their stories. As our children traveled through Liberty Jail, Hauns Mill, Far West, Independence, and up through Nauvoo and Carthage jail, our gratitude was multiplied for the many sacrifices these courageous men and women made to accept the gospel into their lives and to follow a prophet of the Lord into unknown places to make a new home for themselves and build a temple of God!When we asked our children what was one of their favorite experiences, they all agreed it was the Nauvoo Pageant and Handcart Trek, even though it was such hard work and so muddy! We are so grateful we could go as a family. Each of our testimonies were strengthened and church and family history came alive!


Alex Turned 7

Bree doing a alvacado facial with a smile!

Monday, March 15, 2010

More photos of Trent

Trent is on the left.

Happy Happy Birthday, Children Dear

Happy Birthday
Grandpa Weaver, Grandma Curtin, Shonna, Tyson, Breeana, and Karley.
We hope you have a great Birthday!!!!